Can’t layer latte macchiato!?

This week’s special at Cafe Christopher is Latte Macchiato and I’m about to throw all my bar equipment away. Because I’m clearly a total hack loser. Here is what must be my seventh try…


I have been layering drinks for years and I just can’t get it for some reason. I am using whole milk and steaming it with very dry foam so the milk should be dense enough and shouldn’t be too aerated. I have poured freehand, close to the surface, far from the surface, fast, slow, even over a spoon (like I’m a total amateur but I was desperate) and it just mixes in. I’ve let the milk sit in the glass a couple minutes to be sure the layers are done, I’ve steamed the milk drier and wetter. And nothing helps. I’m wondering if the espresso is too dense?
What’s worse is that I’ve made layered coffee drinks by accident plenty of times. I used to make a drink where I steamed the milk in a short glass then put it under the spouts and pulled the shot and it layered by itself. And I have been poring over youtube vids and I see people layering with no spoon or special tricks or even a particularly steady hand.
And yet I can’t get it no matter what I try!
So, again, maybe the espresso is too dense somehow. I am using a blend I’ve never used and Lady Gaggia is not in the best of health – might even need a new thermostat. So, maybe the solids are not fully dissolving?
I know I’m kinda grasping at straws here but, again, I don’t see how this can be something I’m doing wrong. This just isn’t that hard.

Anyway, I’ll keep you posted.

Btw, latte macchiato in a champagne flute. Kewl.
Well, I don’t have any other tall, slender glasses. And I think it’s pretty classy looking.

It’ll be even better when it’s actually layered.

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